Empathetic Employee Exits

We're modernizing off-boarding

Our platform redefines the post-employment journey. We're building an experience that brings compassion to COBRA and more.

Information about your health utilization helps determine whether COBRA is right for you.
Review detailed plan information to understand which plans are right for you.
We sift through all of the other options to compare them with COBRA to determine if it's right for you or not.
We use your COBRA plan information as a base for comparison against other options.
Tell us what you think about your current plan so we can compare this against other options.
Take a look at detailed options in the marketplace and compare them with your COBRA option.
We'll help you keep track of when your health coverage ends and other important dates.
We make it easy for you to compare options because we leverage what we know about your COBRA plan to get you there.
We will use information about you and your family to make sure we find the best options available to you.
Get the confidence you need to make the right decision.
We will find all programs that you qualify for as well including Medicaid.
We review all options on the marketplace to make sure that we find your best health insurance option.
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At Kept, we focus on people

In 2023, we saw lots of friends and colleagues impacted by layoffs. We realized they weren’t getting the support they needed to make informed insurance and financial decisions. We also saw that employers need help navigating complex off-boarding requirements and traditional COBRA administrators don't cut it.
 We knew we could do better.

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Founding team

Kept is redefining the COBRA administration landscape for employers, employees, and brokers alike.

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Our advisors

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