CoBRA Compliance

More than a checkbox

Don't just pay for documents. Turn COBRA into an off-boarding experience that saves time and money.

An image of a woman broker, smiling confidently into the camera.An image of two brokers, at an office table talking and smiling.
An image of a woman broker, smiling confidently into the camera.An image of two brokers, at an office table talking and smiling.

Navigating COBRA gets complex. Whether it's state or federal continuation, every departing employee gets personalized support.

Revolutionary TPA services

Most brokers use traditional TPAs for COBRA. We provide off-boarding solutions. We'll get you set up faster than you can say "Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act."

Expertise and compliance

Our attorneys and compliance pros are COBRA experts. We provide reliable, accurate off-boarding. You'll see greater value than with any other COBRA administrator.

Comprehensive support

We provide the support administrators should have given all along. Our licensed folks help employees make better decisions about COBRA by making all of their options accessible.

More reliable

Confidently navigate COBRA compliance

COBRA is governed by a web of regulations and guidelines and non-compliance can lead to serious legal consequences. Our team is comprised of attorneys and professionals with experience managing COBRA policies. But we're taking it a step further and re-defining what administrators are capable of.

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More personalized

Support built for you and your clients

Off-boarding isn't just about bidding farewell to departing employees. It's a process woven into an organization's fabric, demanding personalized solutions that align with HR teams' and organizations' unique needs. Properly supporting former employees also helps lower COBRA-related waste that can seriously impact premiums.

More compassionate

Simplify and enhance off-boarding

Off-boarding, often seen as a routine process, is undergoing a profound transformation. By infusing empathy into this phase, companies are discovering its far-reaching benefits, not just for departing employees but for the organization as a whole.

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