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COBRA is expensive. You’ve got options.

There's a variety of health insurance solutions. We help you confidently pick the right one, whether it's COBRA or something else, we've got you.

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Continued coverage

Simplify your COBRA choice with ease

We uncover free and subsidized plans you may qualify for to make it easy to compare with COBRA. You'll know what's right for your situation.


of people waive COBRA and look for other options or go uninsured.


of people qualify for Medicaid.

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of people qualify for subsidies.

Better Service Guaranteed

Tools that can create stability

Health insurance is just one concern when you leave an employer. We're expanding to provide financial tools to help you navigate things like unemployment benefits and your 401k.


of US workers have more than one 401k account.


is the average increase over two years in retirement savings after consolidating 401k accounts.

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Talk to an expert

We'd love to help you make better post-employment decisions. Set up a time to speak with a licensed member of our team for personalized advice or start exploring other options and see pricing now.