Supportive off-boarding

Empathetic employee exits

The exit experience leaves a lasting impression. Are you turning folks into brand ambassadors or leaving them unsupported?

Image of a employer, holding a clipboard and looking into the cameraAnd employer and departing employee discussing off-boarding details
Image of a employer, holding a clipboard and looking into the camera.And employer and departing employee discussing off-boarding details

Humanize off-boarding

Every departing employee should have a soft landing. That's why we don't just send COBRA documents, we create off-boarding solutions.

Image of an employer shaking and employees hand whom they are rehiring

of employees get re-hired by an employer.


would consider returning to a previous employer.


of HR pros would be willing to re-hire an employee.

Why re-hiring matters

In the evolving landscape of recruitment, an often underestimated source of talent exists within your hiring history—the boomerang employee. Former employees bring unique benefits. Embracing the concept of re-hiring can significantly impact your company's success and growth.

Leverage feedback from off-boarding

As a departing employee's last interaction, off-boarding holds substantial potential for companies to glean invaluable insights and bolster their brand image. Embracing exit interviews and fostering supportive off-boarding practices can propel businesses towards improvement.

Am image of a woman working on her computer to send feedback for her exit interview.

of HR pros had 1+ exit interview no-shows in the last 3 months.

An employer and employee looking at a computer and discussing off-boarding details.

of HR pros reported that a departing employee recently asked for help with COBRA.

Support departing employees better

Off-boarding, often seen as a routine process, is undergoing a profound transformation. By infusing empathy into this phase, companies are discovering its far-reaching benefits, not just for departing employees but for the organization as a whole.

Understanding changes in employee tenure

A noticeable shift has occurred in the job market. Understanding this trend and the impact that compassionate off-boarding can have is crucial in order to create lasting impressions and cultivate departing employees into brand ambassadors.

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Thoughtful and consistent support

A softer landing for departing employees

We provide them with personalized guidance, insurance options, and tools to make more informed financial decisions.

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Only 7% of employees elect COBRA
Over 75% of employees don't fully understand what COBRA is
People who are laid off are more likely to experience health issues
Just 5% of employees know all of their insurance options when off-boarding
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Compassionate Off-Boarding

Keep employees from turning into detractors

COBRA grants departing employees an option to stay insured. It requires meticulous administration to ensure compliance and proper support. For decades it’s been nothing more than a checkbox. What does the future hold?

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